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Tri State plays an essential role in the well-being of the environment

As we continue to navigate COVID-19 and its effects on us all, it's important to recognize and thank all of those working on the front lines and all Essential Medical and Law Enforcement workers of which we are sincerely grateful for their services always, especially during this pandemic.

Tri State plays an essential role in the well-being of the environment and is proud to offer our services to Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Columbia, Sullivan, Ulster.  One of the main lines of work we offer is emergency spill cleanup, essential to the world we live in. When it comes to this type of work and protecting the environment, all situations are handled with top priority as we are prepared to respond to the very worst-case scenarios. Tri State Environmental Services strives to focus on a long-lasting resolution to environmental issues that if left untreated or treated in-effectively can not only harm the environment but those directly connected to it. Devastating hazardous spills can poison the environment for years and choke life from lakes and streams polluting nearby watersheds. To help slow these situations down and ultimately stop this from happening there is a major push for clean, renewable energy alternatives to help get us off oil. We need energy investments on a global level that don’t threaten humans and wildlife with toxic spills. Until then Tri State Environmental will continue to provide complete 24-hour emergency spill response services for hazardous and non-hazardous spills.


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