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Commercial Projects

In today’s world, we have to be ready on a moment’s notice for things like petroleum and chemical spills, hazardous waste clean-up, leaking underground storage tank removals, and many other critical environmental problems that we handle on a daily basis. From initial assessment, to strategy, to the act of addressing the issues at hand, there’s a multitude of different types of responses to environmental issues, all the while cooperating with federal, state, municipalities, or the party responsible for the contamination. The end goal to all of this is prevent danger from affecting human health and to make sure that any and all spills are handled, removed, and absorbed to prevent the release of hazardous materials into our soils and waterways. Our response equipment and fully trained staff allow us to keep response time to a minimum for commercial projects and allow us to perform each and every job in accordance with all regulations and guidelines also allowing us to provide the best solution for each customer and the environment. Safety, precision, and professionalism is the Tri-State Environmental way, and no matter whether it’s a minor release or a catastrophic one, Tri-State will safely and efficiently guide you through the process.


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