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Tri State Environmental specializes in response, containment, and remediation

During all seasons of the year our fully trained staff are prepared to respond to emergencies during inclement weather for heating oil, diesel, gasoline, and chemical spills. In emergency situations our job is to make sure that emergency spill cleanup is done correctly, safely, and properly, to ensure the safety of our citizens and the environment. One of our “mottos” is “if you stay ready you don't have to get ready”. So, whether it be toxic petroleum spills that occur on land or water, Tri State Environmental specializes in the response, containment, and remediation. Tri-State Environmental Services also continues to excavate and remove underground petroleum storage tanks as well as abandon tanks in place with sand or concrete. If you just have questions about your underground or above ground tank removal, or have an environmental emergency, please contact us asap.


We specialize in:

  • 24-hour Emergency Spill Response to Heating/Motor Oils, Gasoline, Mercury, Chemical and Unknown Releases

  • Industrial Maintenance – Oil/Water Separator, Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Underground and Above-ground Storage Tank Services – Cleaning, Abandonment and Removal

  • Waste Characterization, Transportation and Disposal

  • Sub-Surface Investigation and Remediation – Soil/Water Sampling, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Well Gauging and Ground Water Sampling 


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