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What it REALLY Means to Respond in a moments notice

Response time can make all the difference in an emergency situation. For emergency spill events, we maintain a toll-free emergency call number that is actively monitored and ready to dispatch at a moments notice. The time it takes to be on the scene of a spill or potentially hazardous situation is crucial. The faster we can properly identify the hazardous materials or spills, the faster we can respond to releases to stop the spill and initiate the appropriate emergency response procedure. The bottom line is that the longer it takes to clean up a spill, or stop hazardous material from leeching, the higher the risks are of environmental hazards that are potentially harmful to man and wildlife. Responding in moments notice to emergencies will reduce the eventual costs in potential injury, pollution, dollars, and overall well-being to everyone involved. Tri-State maintains rosters of cross-trained employees and qualified subcontractors, thereby guaranteeing Tri-State’s capacity to respond quickly and effectively to all environmental service calls.

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