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Tri State Environmental specializes in response, containment, and remediation

When a leak from a tank system is detected, Tri-State will carry out remediation with integrity. This involves field screening throughout the excavation process, documenting all data, and only removing the affected portion. Removing contaminated soil to a practical extent is essential, adhering to all governing agencies' requirements, which may vary based on factors like groundwater depth, proximity to water supplies, and other criteria. Whether dealing with a toxic chemical release—such as an unknown chemical, acid, mercury, or solvent—or a petroleum spill involving gasoline, diesel, or heating oil that impacts soil, subsurface, or water, Tri-State Environmental specializes in the response, containment, and remediation of these substances. We handle these spills and releases throughout all seasons. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tri-State Environmental, we will always try to educate and provide insight so a potentially intimidating process can be navigated properly.


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