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Accidents that cause gasoline and diesel spills on roadways

Each year during winter, spring, summer and fall passenger motor vehicle and commercial vehicle accidents cause gasoline and diesel spills on highways and interstate roadways. These emergency responses provide unique challenges. When hazardous materials are carried, not only do response personnel have to deal with challenging traffic, rubbernecking and congestion issues, they also must deal with potential chemical hazards, environmental impacts and added safety requirements. Once a spill has reached soil or any compromised ground, the control, containment and clean up of the spill often becomes more difficult than it would be on a non-impervious surface. In soil, such as a roadway shoulder, the oil, diesel, gasoline travels very quickly in the initial few moments. Any petroleum based or hazardous materials and substances that are recovered from a release are containerized and safely and time efficiently transported, stored and disposed in full compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws, ordinances, rules and regulations.


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