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Emergency Spill Hazards

Emergency spill clean up can be extremely hazardous to all involved and needs to be handled with extreme caution as well handled by only those that specialize in this filed. There are certain protocols, rules, and regulations to ensure a proper cleanup was performed. OSHA defines an emergency spill as one that causes unsafe exposure to a toxic chemical, requires workers to evacuate the area, poses immediately dangerous to life and health conditions, presents a fire or explosion hazard or requires other immediate attention because of danger. Identifying the hazardous chemicals involved in a spill can also be especially difficult because each have a different set of hazards. The location of a spill is a very important consideration when developing a cleanup strategy. Did the spill occur in water, near water, on a highway, in a residential area, during a snow or rainstorm, in the heat, in the cold, all important factors that determine how to approach a resolution. Training requirements for all personnel and staff whom work in the field of hazardous waste cleanup also have follow a very strict set of training requirements, different for both for employees and management. These are just the very beginnings to what is involved in hazardous spill clean up especially since there is no “one size fits all answer”. Anyone whom encounters a spill needs to call a company like Tri State Environmental Services immediately to ensure the safety of themselves and others around them. Unsafe exposure to toxic chemicals can be an immediate danger and have life threatening consequences.

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