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Emergency Spill Cleanup of an Unknown Source

When an emergency spill occurs and is reported to Tri State Environmental, we immediately begin to set our team into motion. There are many moving parts to an emergency spill cleanup and safety precautions must be followed to ensure an effective and thorough clean up is performed. When a release is reported to us and we arrive at the scene we may not know all the necessary information as to how the release occurred, extent of damage, or the hazardous substances that are involved, so we must take every precaution as to our next steps to initiate the cleanup. Upon our investigation we will then determine the proper steps to take to maximize our cleanup efforts as well as consider health, hazards, and surrounding areas involved. With our concern for minimizing damage to the environment, strict adherence to ever changing regulations and guidelines and a comprehensive approach, we are uniquely qualified to carry out the proper response methods and handling and to also determine if there are any appropriate response alternatives. Spill response to an unknown source can be both hazardous and non hazardous but with result always being the same, an approach that provides a solution that can be custom designed, at any phase of the project, to best fit the needs of the customer and the environment.

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