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Season Changes Make Emergency Spill Clean up Difficult

A change of seasons can make things very difficult for emergency spill clean up. Cold temperatures, as well as the extreme heat, can bring about their own set of rules for emergency spill clean up. Things like combustible liquids that produce volatile vapors at certain temperatures, and ignitability are just a few, as well as the snow and ice creating the road hazards that lead to chemical spills. Snow and ice can quickly cover areas in need of cleanup, further hindering being able to properly assess spill situations and what it takes to clean them up. Predicting weather during season changes is just not an option but being overly prepared and informed is key to navigating the change. Spills and how to properly assess and deal with them have many different moving parts in order to ensure a successful clean up, we also have to take into consideration the health and safety issues of our personnel as well as the public, on top of minimizing potential site specific risks. That is why having responsive, professionally trained crews, equipment and resources, to do the right job in all weather conditions is imperative. Tri-State maintains a complete line of state of the art products and equipment including air packs with escape bottles, full face respirators with assorted cartridges, airline systems, confined space entry gear, harbor containment boom, toxic gas monitors, photoionization detectors, mercury meters and mercury vacuums, interface probes and vacuum, sonic interface probe and a wide variety of personal protection equipment, absorbents and decontamination and cleaners to address both hazardous and non hazardous environmental situations, thus helping us to be prepared in all weather conditions.

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