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Environmental Hazards that go un-noticed

Often times environmental hazards can go unnoticed until they are actually affecting an area causing severe and long-term damage. What you can’t see, one can’t detect unless there is a reason. Underground fuel oil storage is the biggest culprit of these types of disasters. When long overdue metal storage tanks become abandoned, decay sets in and leaks erupt. Left over fuel oil and sentiment breach the tank, entering the ground eventually finding its way to local wells and underground aquifers. Gas stations, service garages, and older homes are all causes for concern. That’s where Tri State Environmental comes in. Having dealt with many of those types of situations, we give a full site assessment, provide containment, and site remediation, properly collaborating with municipal, state and federal representatives to implement best practices cohesively. Tri-State personnel utilize every company asset to ensure that each project meets the specific needs of the situation, environmental regulations and health and safety standards. If you detect that there might be an issue, don’t gamble with your residential, industrial or commercial environmental concerns – call today and be sure!

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