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Emergency Situations Call for Emergency Actions

When barrels of potentially dangerous chemicals turn up in the wrong places, a hazardous situation can go from bad to worse in a hurry, that’s why Tri State Environmental Services is available to take action immediately. Hazardous material spills, medical emergencies, radioactive materials spills, and other hazardous situations also arise and can pose a serious threat to human lives and the environment unless immediate actions are taken. Human health effects are always a first concern as well as significant fire and other risks. Our immediate action follows procedure for hazardous situations including evaluating the risks in our clean-up. Prevent, neutralize, control, absorb, collect, properly dispose, and decontamination of the area, are all ways to describe part of our operations when we are dispatched to the scene of a potentially hazardous situation. Tri State Environmental Services, Inc. is known for our emergency spill response and continues to provide services to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in addition to commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the tri-state area.

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