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Well gauging, data collection, and measuring for petroleum-based compounds and substances

Hazardous spills left to impact the environment can poison the water, soil and air for years to come as well as choke vegetation and fish life from lakes and streams by polluting nearby watersheds and aquifers. Contaminated soils can leach toxic and petroleum chemicals and compounds as they breakdown into nearby ground or surface waters, where these materials can be taken up by plants and animals, contaminate drinking water, surrounding soils and negatively impact the indoor air in overlying buildings.

When Tri-State Environmental is contracted to remediate large amounts of hazardous or petroleum waste that has potentially contaminated groundwater, we use well gauging equipment, such as oil water interface probes, to collect data at each site from each well in to provide a long-term record of any presence, location, or measurable amounts of hazardous or petroleum-based compounds and substances within the wells.

Our unwavering commitment to our clients ensures that from the initial emergency response through site remediation all work is performed to a customer’s satisfaction while in accordance with all appropriate regulations and guidelines. If you have an environmental issue, question or concern don’t hesitate to contact Tri-State Environmental Services.


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