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Underground Storage Tanks: Inspection, cleaning, abandonment, and removal

Underground Oil tanks that have leaks can leach petroleum into the environment and if you have a well for your drinking water or are near a watershed you could be endangering not only yourself but others around you for miles. If you want to avoid a potentially significant expense, you should have your tank inspected (and if underground have it removed to a safe above ground location). Leaks can also happen early if a tank was damaged at installation or was not properly plumbed. Even if you think the tank is ok, young, and not leaking, buried oil tanks can be tightness tested for integrity. An oil tank can rust through from the inside out, which may ultimately result in a leak. When an underground storage tank or connected piping leaks, the cleanup can be costly. If your home-owners insurance policy contains a "pollution exclusion" clause, (which many do), you could get stuck with the bill. The best way to avoid significant expenses later is to have your tank taken out of the ground now and have a new tank installed in your basement, garage, or storage shed. Tri State Environmental Services provides both residential and commercial underground and above-ground storage tank services, including cleaning, abandonment and removal. What if contamination is found? First, don't panic. The problem could be minor and relatively simple to correct. Tri State Environmental can take cleanup actions right away and besides, addressing the problem now will prevent higher cost and damage later.


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