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Underground & Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Removal | Tri State Helps You Through The Process

If you have a commercial, residential or municipal underground or above ground heating oil, diesel or gasoline storage tank that needs to be tightness tested, cleaned removed or abandoned in place Tri-State Environmental has the experience to appropriately guide you through the environmentally based project. From homeowners to PBS, Peteoleum Bulk Storage, operators we will safely navigate you through the tank removal, abandonment, inspection or tightness testing process. Tri-State is committed to perform the right environmental service based on the site specific nature of the project and do the right project by the homeowner, their insurance carrier, commercial property owner or management company. Not all tanks leak but IF the underground tank or supply or return piping system is leaking or compromised, Tri-State Environmental will perform the contaminated soil or petroleum impacted groundwater remediation with integrity. This is accomplished by field screening throughout the excavation process, documenting all data accordingly and only removing the contaminated portion of the excavation that has been impacted by the release. After this the tank can be properly cleaned following all confined space entry requirements and disposed of as scrap metal and the excavation can be backfilled with clean suitable backfill material. Let Tri State Environmental help you through the potentially intimidating process of dealing with Underground and Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks.

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Carolyn Schulhoff
Carolyn Schulhoff
Apr 19, 2023

Thank you Tri-State Environmental. When we decided to convert to natural gas we wanted to make sure our underground heating tank was properly taken care of and after meeting with Mike and Scott at Tri-State we knew we were in good hands. We asked a lot of questions and they were so professional and knowledgeable. Thankfully our tank was still in good shape so it was a one day project. The crew arrived on time as promised and when they left the area was fully backfilled and re-seeded. They made sure our local building department was satisfied with all paperwork filed. Thanks again Tri-State Environmental.

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