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Tri-State performs remediation with integrity

Even though hearing that your tank is compromised isn't anything a homeowner wants to experience, sometimes a leak from a heating oil storage tank is minor. Tri-State is committed to doing right by their clients.  When there is evidence of a leak from a tank system, Tri-State will perform the remediation with integrity. This is accomplished by field screening throughout the excavation process, documenting all data accordingly and only removing the portion of the excavation that has been impacted by the release.It is important to remove the contaminated soil to a practical extent, satisfying all governing agencies but acceptable requirements vary based on depth to groundwater, municipal of private water supplies, proximity to bodies of water and many other criteria. When selecting a firm to remove your tank, do your homework.  Make sure you are given proof of insurance, ask questions about methodology, use of calibrated meters, are there minimums for soil generation if the tank is found to be leaking to name a few.  Certain releases are minor and should be handled accordingly.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Tri-State Environmental, we will always try to educate and provide insight so a potentially intimidating process can be navigated properly.


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