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Time to check the integrity of your heating oil storage tank(s)

Winter rapidly's a good time to check the integrity of your heating oil storage tank(s) as well as the lines that supply the tank from the boiler system.   While age and soil conditions have a significant impact on the status of your tank system, other conditions can negatively impact the life of the tanks (located above and underground).  Tri-State Environmental has the experience to appropriately guide a homeowner through the removal or abandonment process. While removals are frequently the preferred method, it is entirely acceptable to properly abandon a tank in place that has not been compromised in any way...the process is less invasive and less costly....Tri-State technicians will perform all steps safely and effectively by pumping out an remaining tank contents, thoroughly cleaning the tank and then properly filling with an inert substance such as sand or concrete.

Contact the professionals at Tri-State Environmental Services, Inc. with any questions or concerns you may have. Even if it is just for informational purposes to plan a year or two down the road, knowledge is power when making decisions that could help to avoid an inconvenient and costly situation of a compromised leaking oil tank system.


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