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Things You Should Know About Underground Storage Tanks and Removal

The biggest question for homeowners with tanks that have been underground for many years or even decades is - do I have a hole or excessive corrosion in the tank? If so, heating oil can leach into the soil and even potentially pollute nearby water sources like wells, ponds, streams or the watershed. If my tank is compromised, how long has that been going on? Here are some things you should know about Underground Storage Tanks, Tri State Environmental Services, and Tank Removals in general.

• Tri State Environmental specializes in UST removals and in place abandonments

• If your tank has been underground for many years, you run the risk of having an impact to soils or groundwater via corrosion resulting in holes.

• If your tank has been leaking you could be endangering not only yourself but others around, you like neighbors or publicly owned land or water sources.

• Due to widespread use and a natural tendency to corrode and potentially leak, underground storage tanks (USTs) can be considered a significant risk.

• Oil tanks can rust through from the inside out, which may ultimately result in a leak which can be hard to detect until it is an issue i on a larger scale.

• What if contamination is found? Tri State Environmental can take cleanup actions right away.

• If a leak is found, we document all data accordingly and only remove the contaminated portion of the excavation that has been impacted by the release.

• If the underground tank or supply or return piping system is leaking or compromised, Tri-State Environmental will perform the contaminated soil or petroleum impacted groundwater remediation with integrity.

• If your going through a home inspection in New York, one of the first and most important things on the list will be .. is your heating oil tank still underground?

Let Tri State Environmental help you through the difficult world of dealing with Underground Storage Tanks and help to give you peace of mind. If you have any questions as to the where abouts of your tank on your property and or would like an estimate from Tri State Environmental to assess and quote for removal services, contact us today!


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