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Surface and subsurface land or ground contamination

Surface and subsurface land or ground contamination can result from a variety of intended, accidental, or naturally occurring activities and events such as manufacturing, municipal vehicles, compromised saddle tanks from tractor trailers resulting in accidental spills, illegal dumping, leaking underground storage tanks, hurricanes, floods, pesticide and fertilizer application. In this case Tri-State Environmental was engaged due to subsurface and groundwater contamination from a former repair shop. The building was properly and safely demolished to allow access to the footprint of the impacted property. In this instance the site was contaminated by improper handling and disposal of petroleum based materials released over the course of many years having a profound effect on groundwater and surrounding soils. Contaminated lands can pose a variety of health and environmental hazards because of the chemicals that may be present and their propensity to persist in or move through the environment, exposing humans or the environment to hazards. Contaminated soils can leach toxic chemicals into nearby ground or surface waters, where these materials can be taken up by plants and animals, contaminate a human drinking water supply, or volatilize and contaminate the indoor air in overlying buildings. Tri State Environmental Services has the capability and experience to respond to a wide variety of spills of all dimensions. It’s our goal to ensure that the initial emergency response and site remediation, if warranted, is performed to a customer’s satisfaction while in accordance with all appropriate regulations and guidelines. If you have an environmental issue, don’t hesitate, contact us ASAP.


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