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Roadway spills and hazards / COVID-19

Unpredictable weather changes and increased traffic patterns from holiday travel will almost always lead to unfortunate roadway accidents involving vehicles carrying hazardous materials. Roadway spills and hazards are likely during this time of year and authorities, motorists, firemen, EMT, accident victims, and all environmental and first responder personnel involved are at heightened risk during roadway responses. All involved work together following the incident command system to complete a common goal; ensure the safety and thoroughness of the environmental responsibilities at hand. 2020 has also brought about another list of protocols to follow along with following state guidelines for clean-up, COVID-19. The complexities & stressors of response work are higher than ever due to COVID-19. The CDC recommends using additional infection prevention and control practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with standard practices making clean up efforts to time sensitive situations exceptionally challenging. The scene of an incident can be chaotic, that is why you want a company like Tri State Environmental Services that has decades of experience in the field as well as the staff, training and proper equipment to respond to a wide variety of spills of all capacities. Tri-State also has an arsenal of personal protection equipment, absorbents, decontamination and cleaners to address all hazardous environmental situations as well as current COVID-19 training. Tri-State Environmental Services, Inc. provides complete 24-hour emergency spill response services for hazardous materials and provides spill response services to Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Sullivan and Ulster counties.


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