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Response time matters

The longer it takes to contain and remediate a spill, or stop hazardous or petroleum based material from leeching, the higher the risks are of environmental hazards that are potentially harmful to humans, wildlife and their habits groundwater and waterways in general. Responding in a time efficient way, frequently with minimal notice to these unexpected releases will reduce the eventual costs in potential injury, pollution, dollars, and overall well-being to everyone involved. This is accomplished by staying prepared and ready to mobilize like the OSHA trained crews at Tri-State Environmental that will respond appropriately, contain efficiently and cost effectively. This frequently includes field screening throughout the excavation process, documenting all data accordingly and only removing the portion of the excavation that has been impacted by the release. It is important to remove the contaminated soil to a practical extent, satisfying all governing agencies but acceptable requirements vary based on depth to groundwater, municipal or private water supplies, proximity to bodies of water and many other criteria.

When there is evidence of a leak from a UST or AST system or a saddle tank release from a vehicle or a chemical release from your manufacturing process, Tri-State will perform the remediation with integrity. We provide complete 24-hour emergency spill response services for petroleum and hazardous materials to Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Sullivan and Ulster counties.


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