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How we approach environmental spills

With the challenges of today’s world and the way it can present unplanned and unwanted events, homeowners, property managers, oil companies, transit facilities, PBS facilities, apartment complexes and schools, have to be ready on a moment’s notice for incidents like petroleum and chemical spills, hazardous waste cleanup, leaking underground and aboveground storage tanks, overfills during heating oil, diesel or gasoline deliveries and many other critical, time sensitive environmental problems. With no two spills or petroleum or chemical releases or leaks being exactly alike or in the same exact location, under the same exact conditions, (weather: hot, cold, rainy, snowy, foggy) the methods of containment or cleanup can often be similar in what products Tri-State Environmental uses, but our approach in how we use them and the timing of which they are applied/left in place is what differentiates between spills. However the bottom line is that the longer it takes to contain and remediate a spill, or stop hazardous or petroleum based material from leeching, the higher the risks are of environmental hazards that are potentially harmful to humans, the environment, groundwater and wildlife. Responding in moments notice to emergencies and releases will reduce the eventual costs in potential injury, pollution, dollars, and overall well-being to everyone involved. The staff at Tri-State Environmental is professional, available and willing to advise in any way needed. Stay safe and well.


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