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Hazardous spills on land or near water

Storm drains and catch basins typically include a grate or curb inlet and a pit that accumulates trash, debris, sediment, leaves, oil and grease, and can also be the catch point for heating oil, gasoline, diesel and other petroleum and hazardous materials when there is either a spill nearby or from rain or snow runoff as a frequent natural occurrence.

No matter where the spill happens on land or near water, we specialize in the response, containment, and remediation. Whether it’s a leak from a UST or AST system or a saddle tank release from a vehicle or a chemical release from your manufacturing process, Tri-State will perform the remediation with integrity. We provide complete 24-hour emergency spill response services for petroleum and hazardous materials to Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, Rockland, Sullivan and Ulster counties.


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