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Emergency response and site remediation during every season of the year.

Winter months in New York bring cold temperatures, snow, ice and unique safety risks, slip hazards, and other potentially unforeseen challenges. All of these factors increase the skill and awareness required to respond properly to emergencies such as petroleum spills from vehicle saddle tanks, underground and aboveground spills. Properly preparing for winter weather conditions can be a challenging, potentially difficult task but one in which we specialize in at Tri State Environmental Services Inc. Whether it be a toxic chemical release such as an unknown chemical, acid, mercury or solvent or a petroleum spill involving gasoline, diesel or heating oil that has impacted on soil, subsurface or water, Tri State Environmental specializes in the response, containment and remediation of gasoline, diesel, heating oil, chemical, mercury, unknown spills and releases during ALL seasons. Adverse weather conditions can act as

a major hindrance during a cleanup as continuous snow or ice buildup may cover up impacted areas making it more involved to determine the the scope of the release. Rest assured our OSHA trained response crews will handle the project, large or small, residential or commercial in a cost effective professional manner and have all the training necessary to deal with every aspect of emergency response and site remediation during every season of the year.


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