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Common life expectancy of a buried oil tank

Removing an underground or aboveground petroleum, heating oil or gasoline storage tank is sometimes done due to leakage but is definitely done as a precautionary measure. When an underground or aboveground petroleum storage tank is removed, the 30 or 40 gallons of fuel resting at the bottom of the old tank should not be transferred, too much sludge to potentially introduce into a new tank system. Usually the fuel at the bottom is from years worth of oil deliveries that contain both sludge and microbial bacteria that can be harmful to the new tank. This residual content should be properly removed, transported and disposed of which is all part of the turnkey service that Tri-State Environmental Services provides. After the tank is removed the property can be returned to its preexisting state. If the work performed requires coordination with governing regulatory agencies to conform with appropriate regulations and guidelines, the trained and professional field and administrative staff at Tri-State Environmental will coordinate that interaction as well. The common life expectancy of a buried oil tank made of steel is 10-15 years, but at about 20 years the risk of leaks from steel underground oil tanks become higher. If one waits years beyond the life expectancy of a steel tank to remove it, then it’s at least possible that even a minor release can occur. Some leaks are even the result of improper installation originally or improper plumbing. Any petroleum storage tank, regardless of age can be tightness tested for integrity and peace of mind. Any petroleum storage tank containing heating oil or gasoline, diesel, etc. can rust through from the inside out, which may ultimately result in a leak. If you have a heating oil, diesel, gasoline or any petroleum storage tank that needs removal, in place abandonment or investigation in any form and you are located in Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Orange, Columbia, Sullivan, Ulster in New York State, contact us today as we are known for excellence in both value and quality of New York environmental services.


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