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Is Your Heating Oil Tank Compromised?

With the cold months still in our rear view mirror is it too early to even discuss things like heating oil and underground storage tanks? From a comfort stand point ..YES! However the reality is that your underground storage tank has a life cycle and some are shorter than others. If your tank is buried underground and has been for years, then so goes the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” but that’s definitely not something to ignore. UST’s can rust due to various factors like soil conditions, quality of initial installation and groundwater influence, and the heating oil can breach the tank leaking into the ground which could be the beginning of a long process to undo. In fact when heating oil reaches the soil, if left undetected it can go as far as to pollute nearby water sheds and others property, making the clean up expensive and arduous. Periodic tank integrity testing can provide some peace of mind and may keep you from having to deal with a long list of protocol to properly remediate your soil. As a property owner you might need to have your underground storage tank (UST) tested or removed to satisfy an agreement of sale in a real estate transaction. There are also marginally invasive methods that can test the soil around the tank (or former tank) for the presence of heating oil. Let Tri State Environmental help you through the difficult world of dealing with Underground Storage Tanks and help to give you peace of mind.

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