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Hazardous Spills in Close Proximity

When a spill of a hazardous substance occurs and we are contacted, we treat it as an emergency and dispatch our personnel to the scene immediately. When this spill has occurred in close proximity to other homes, or has leached onto several different owned properties the situation at hand can be come less than a normal clean up.

Procedures and protocols will dictate our approach as well as the timing of which we can start the remediation. Evacuation, keeping people clear of the spill, methods of containment, and local authorities all have a role in these types of situations. If there’s no potential risk of destruction of property or harm to the public some of the pressure is released but with multiple properties affected the party responsible for the spill will have to assume all the responsibility.

None the less, proper planning, communication with the client and state authorities, controlling the spill so it doesn’t become any worse, containing the substance from contaminating other areas or adjacent surfaces, and collecting and disposing of the material used to contain and neutralize the spill are all part of the basic plan. However emphasis must be used on communication with the parties involved as to be certain that all laws and regulations are followed closely as they will be scrutinized.

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