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Containment: More than half the battle!

With all the moving parts that go in to a successful spill clean up, there’s one key factor that is more than half the battle and that’s containment. Containing whatever hazardous substance has breached its holding tank, spilled due to a roadway accident, or is leaking from an unknown source, is a vital step. You might say that its just as important as any other steps taken to resolve the situation at hand, but the effort on all parts to find, stabilize, and contain the substance is often an arduous task. Spills or leaks of hazardous substances by nature present a different set of rules for each type of substance, but they all have a common ground and that’s containment. Making sure the substance goes no further than the area it has already affected, surrounding it, and putting the proper measures in place to contain the substance is a battle all in itself. A battle of experience, wits, strategy and choices of the right product that will effectively contain the substance, all while adhering to the rules and guidelines set forth by the state to ensure its is all done in accordance of the law. With no two spills/leaks being exactly alike or in the same exact location, under the same exact conditions, (weather: hot, cold, rainy, snowy, foggy) the methods of containment can often be similar in what products we use to contain it, but our approach in how we use them and the timing of which they are applied/left in place is what differentiates between spills. Nonetheless, there’s no argument when we say that containment is definitely more than half the battle. Now on to the remediation…

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