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Working Through The Hardest Part of The Year

There’s no doubt that cold temperatures can make outdoor work a challenge during the winter months. Heavy equipment and machine operators face all sorts of difficulties when it comes to working in the cold. Rain, snow and freezing temperatures can do a number on a machine, (and its operator), as well as the ability to perform the tasks at hand. This is why before the winter weather hits, we service all of our equipment and stock up on the right supplies, because it can be more difficult to repair in the field or obtain these items once the weather turns bad. We also winterize our staff to be ready for working through the hardest part of the year because harsh conditions increase the chances of a dangerous jobsite, equipment failure, and environmental hazards. Our staff has to be extra cautious at all times when working in wintery conditions and Tri State Environmental does everything possible to try and plan ahead. Emergency spills, UST removals, site remediation, and daily operations can all be going on at once when inclement weather decides to happen and where as weather forecasts are helpful they are not certain, and inclement weather can happen at anytime with no remorse. Our emergency hotlines are staffed 24 hours a day all year long and bar an act of God, we always get the job done, all while continuing to conform to EPA and OSHA requirements.

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