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Threatening Roadway Spills Call For Serious Response

Whenever a spill occurs on a roadway the sense of emergency response heightens. All spills are and should always be treated with serious appropriate attention and complete remediation, following all local and state guidelines. When a spill occurs along a roadway we are dealing with not only the environment, nearby waterways, pollutants, compressed gases, liquids or hot materials, local residents, we are also dealing with the safety of motorists and all involved in a clean up. Authorities, motorists, firemen, EMT, accident victims, and all clean up personnel involved are at risk during clean up on a roadway. All involved are forced to work together following the incident command system to complete a common goal; ensure the safety and thoroughness of the clean up at hand. Making sure that the job is done correctly, safely, and properly, is paramount to the environment to ensure for the safety of all motorists. Even with this said, roadway spills are dangerous, period. Often times a spill can consist of combustible, ignitable or corrosive pollutants, which is why having a properly trained staff that understands the circumstances at hand are key. Tri-State has the capability and experience to respond to a wide variety of spills of all capacities. Tri-State also has an arsenal of personal protection equipment, absorbents, decontamination and cleaners to address all hazardous environmental situations. Tri-State Environmental Services, Inc. provides complete 24-hour emergency spill response services for hazardous materials. Since its inception, Tri-State Environmental Services, Inc. has provided spill response services to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in addition to commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the tri-state area.

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