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Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal

Temperatures are starting to drop in the Northeast and the window for having your UST (underground storage tank) removed, is getting smaller and smaller. Many homeowners are preparing for yet another long winter but still have hopes of catching the spring market with a home that’s “fully” ready for sale. If YOU’RE one of these people OR you know that time is not on your side and your feeling pressure to get that rusty underground heating oil tank removed, then you should make provisions to remove it. Tri State Environmental specializes in UST removals and has the personnel that are trained in this field to get the job done right for you in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. If your tank has been underground for many years you run the risk of having holes that can breach the tank shell or the welded seams of the tank causing petroleum to leach into the environment due to it rusty conditions. If this is the case, you only want the best in the field on your side to make sure that if you do have a breach, and a spill has occurred, that is dealt with correctly, efficiently, and follows all regulations and protocols to complete a cleanup in the correct manner. So before the weather takes yet another turn around an even colder corner, call Tri State Environmental today so we can best assess how and when to remove your underground heating oil tank.

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