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Residential Heating Oil Tank Removal

Its mid summer, the housing market is hot, inventory is low, and homes are being sold. Before any home can be sold in NY, there will certainly be a home inspection and one of the first and most important things on the list will be .. is your heating oil tank still underground? If so, there could be a hold put on the sale until the tank is out of the ground, a full inspection of the site is complete and IF there’s no issues a new tank will be installed (likely inside the home) and a clean bill of health will be issued allowing the sale to continue (all at the owners expense). In cases where the UST has leaked, you could potentially loose the deal, loose a buyer with good funding, and set you back not only financially, but you will be put off track with any timing with hopes of moving etc. Upon completion and remediation of the site, your hopes of listing during ideal months could be over as well due to the nature of environmental rules and regulations that need to be met for a proper clean up because these things take time. So, if your planning on listing your home for sale in NY, make sure you have addressed this issue and if you have any questions as to the where abouts of your tank on your property and or would like an estimate from Tri State Environmental to assess and quote for removal services, contact us today!

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