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Spring Residential Heating Oil Tank Removal

Now that spring has finally arrived and the ground has finally thawed out, we can begin removing old UST’s that have been buried underground and need to be removed. You might ask why is my underground heating oil tank a concern? For years Underground Storage Tanks, (UST's) have been made out of steel. Which has a finite life expectancy and since rust is the biggest concern it can cause holes to breach the tank shell or the welded seams of the tank causing petroleum to leach into the environment… enough said. And depending on your water table, if you have a well for your drinking water, or are nearby a watershed or stream and your tank has been leaking you could be endangering not only your self but others around you for miles.

How to tell if your tank is underground if you do not know

Most of the time you will see a visible vent and fill pipe and if you do not see an oil tank inside your basement in close proximity to your indoor furnace, it’s a good bet your oil tank is outside underground.

What if my tank is leaking

The tank must first be removed from the ground so the extent of the leak and any impact to groundwater can be determined.

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