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Spring 2018 and Underground Storage Tank Removals

Will 2018 pan out to have an early spring or an extended winter? With temperatures in the 60’s to 70’s in the northeast and we are still only in February, leads one to believe that the end of winter is very near despite what the groundhog says! With all this, the ground is in perfect condition to dig up to remove any underground USTs (underground storage tanks). New homeowners and current homeowners alike in New York benefit from an early spring by being able to get ahead of the housing market to have these issues addressed. Sellers definitely don’t want to loose out on a deal because they weren’t aware of the laws, and having an underground heating oil tank on your property could spell disaster if its not removed and any potential leaks addressed. In most cases there are no leaks, the tanks are removed, and a new one put inside the home, but in some cases the rotting steel on the old metal tanks release heating oil into the ground and potentially into nearby water sheds. These types of cases have to be carefully addressed and all the cleanup efforts performed in accordance with all appropriate regulations and guidelines. Not only can Tri State Environmental Services remove any old UST’s on your property, we can also provide sub-surface investigation and remediation, soil/water sampling, monitoring and reporting, and well Gauging and ground water sampling should there be any serious leaks. Don’t wait till its too late, if you need a tank removed trust the company that has been in business since 1993, and provides responsive assessment, containment, remediation and restoration services to private, public and commercial entities. Tri-State maintains rosters of cross-trained employees and qualified subcontractors, thereby guaranteeing Tri-State’s capacity to respond quickly and effectively to environmental service calls. Tri-State conforms to EPA and OSHA requirements, has the knowledge and experience to follow regulatory protocols, and collaborates with municipal, state and federal representatives to implement best practices cohesively. Call Tri State Today!

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