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Keeping up with Environmental Technology

Environmental issues are never easily solved, and always take a great deal of assessing, evaluating, and planning to carry out the steps to remedy an occurrence of unknown proportions. As time goes on and technology continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, it has allowed us to cover new grounds by having state of the art equipment to address both hazardous and non-hazardous situations. Tri State Environmental Services produces results and minimizes risks by conducting all projects in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. We have a complete line of the latest products and equipment including air packs with escape bottles, full face respirators with assorted cartridges, airline systems, confined space entry gear, harbor containment boom, toxic gas monitors, photoionization detectors, mercury meters and mercury vacuums, interface probes and vacuum, sonic interface probe and a wide variety of personal protection equipment, absorbents and decontamination and cleaners to address both hazardous and non hazardous environmental situations. We strive to focus on a long lasting resolution to environmental issues that if left untreated or treated in-effectively can not only harm the environment but those directly connected to it. Environmental Technology has allowed us to not only do the very best job possible, it helps us to serve our customers needs and best interests.

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