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Cleaning up What We Leave Behind

Now that winter is far behind us, road maintenance is in full swing. Highways, commercial properties, local roadways, and municipalities all have plans for paving, repairing, making new roads, and performing general maintenance on the roads we all use to navigate in our daily lives. With all this comes many man-hours to complete these tasks but not with out the use of heavy machinery. Modern technology has made these machines so advanced that the quality of work is far beyond where we were twenty years ago. However even with the onset of new technology to perform the tasks with precision, machines are not perfect and do break, leave traces of hazardous fluid, and worst case can be involved in a spill from an accident. Hazardous fluids left untouched present problems for all of us whether left on roadways, construction sites, or nearby residential areas, it most likely will find its way to a nearby stream or ground water, presenting issues on all levels. So where 24 hour emergency spill response is our specialty, we are also know for getting the daily tasks at hand done right. Even in non-emergency situations Tri-State works in conjunction with the customer and the governing regulatory agencies to ensure that a cleanup is performed to a customer’s satisfaction while in accordance with all appropriate regulations and guidelines. So don’t gamble with your residential, industrial or commercial environmental concerns – call today and be sure your doing what’s best for the environment.

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