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Proven Environmental Experience For Your Peace Of Mind

Spring market is finally here and homeowners and real estate brokers alike are excited for the kick off to begin. However for some it may put a temporary hold on listing until that old underground storage tank has been removed. Often times sellers not aware of the growing concerns and rules and regulations over look a very important part of selling a home, and that’s to make sure there are no potential risks that come along with your sale. Having not removed an old steel underground storage tank that could potentially be leaking fuel oil into the environment is an environmental hazard for all. The release of these products into the environment threatens groundwater resources and vapors can seep into confined spaces and occupied dwellings. In an ideal situation removal of an UST (underground storage tank) can be completed in just under a few weeks, worst case scenario it could take months to resolve underlying issues from a leaking tank and delay the sale of your home as well as be very costly. So if your thinking of joining the Spring 2017 listing market, be sure you have taken proper measures to find out about the state of your UST and if you have any concerns or already know you need a tank removed call Tri State Environmental today. - Tri State Environmental Services: Proven Environmental Experience For Your Peace Of Mind

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