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What Will Spring 2017 Reveal?

As Spring 2017 approaches and the snow begins to melt, flowers and trees bloom alike but what lurks beneath the hardened layer of ice and snow could not be so pretty. Often times when the earth is covered in a frosted layer of fluffy snow its can be hiding or disguising problems that exist beneath the frozen facade. Hazardous spills due to improper handling are revealed the very second the snow goes away and the real problem exists when the melted snow carries what lies on the top frozen layer off to nearby catch basins distributing hazardous substances to local rivers and nearby streams as well as leaching into the ground. Tri State Environmental Services offers 24 hour spill response and we are available round the clock to be dispatched to a wide variety of spill situations, so if you see something, say something! With our clientele often being oil companies, fuel dealers, insurance companies/adjusters, medical facilities, property management firms, manufacturing facilities, automobile dealerships, transportation facilities, municipalities, gasoline service stations, contractors, and even homeowners, we have services for wide array of situations. Located in Hawthorne, New York we proudly serve: Columbia, Dutchess, Sullivan, Ulster, Rockland, Putnam, Richmond, Queens, Bronx, Kings, Westchester, Manhattan.

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