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Tri State Environmental specializes in UST removals and has the personnel that are trained in this field to get the job done right for you in accordance with federal, state and local regulations. If your tank has been underground for many years you run the risk of having holes that can breach the tank shell or the welded seams of the tank causing petroleum to leach into the environment due to it rusty conditions. If this is the case, you only want the best in the field on your side to make sure that if you do have a breach, and a spill has occurred, that is dealt with correctly, efficiently, and follows all regulations and protocols to complete a cleanup in the correct manner.

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You might ask why is my underground heating oil tank a concern? For years Underground Storage Tanks, (UST's) were made out of steel. Which has a finite life expectancy and since rust is the biggest concern it can cause holes to breach the tank shell or the welded seams of the tank causing petroleum to leach into the environment… enough said. And depending on your water table, if you have a well for your drinking water, or are nearby a watershed or stream and your tank has been leaking you could be endangering not only your self but others around you for miles.

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Tri State Environmental Services is known for our excellence in both value and quality of New York environmental services, and we specialize in underground storage tank removal. Due to widespread use and its natural tendency to be known for leakage, underground storage tanks (USTs) are considered a significant risk to tank owners/operators, as well as prospective property buyers that may be unaware of abandoned and undocumented USTs. Underground fuel storage tanks cannot just be dug up with a backhoe, because you aren’t digging up just any tank. Between the regulatory requirements and the potential for problems relating to contamination, you have to be specialized in the field and have the know how, operators, and trained staff to work in conjunction with the customer and the governing regulatory agencies to ensure that a cleanup is performed in accordance with all appropriate regulations and guidelines. The purpose and removal of these tanks is to protect human health and the environment by preventing releases of hazardous substances. The release of these products into the environment threatens groundwater resources and can cause explosive vapors to seep into confined spaces and occupied dwellings. Our emergency response telephone numbers are staffed 24 hours a day in order to provide prompt response and to ensure clients’ peace of mind. Our response personnel are available round the clock to be dispatched to situations like these, so if you have a concern about a UST, contact Tri State Environmental Services located in Hawthorne New York today!